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WestTrans to lead Act TravelWise London Forum

Influencing Travel Behaviour Through Partnership Working

Brought to you by WestTrans Partnership and Act TravelWise  

In recent years WestTrans have implemented a number of innovative projects which have taken a joined up approach to addressing specific transport, health and air quality concerns across the West London partnership area. 

This FREE training workshop presents a unique opportunity to hear about the outcomes we have achieved and network with like-minded professionals from a variety of disciplines who all work towards common objectives.

At the workshop you will hear about: 

  • How air quality messages have successfully been used to engage local communities in changing their travel behaviour
  • How joined up thinking between Public Health and Transport professionals has helped deliver successful active travel communications and marketing campaigns.
  • How new local authority practices have resulted in an increased uptake and quality of development related travel plans
  • Insights from a collective of large local businesses that are working together to stimulate changes in travel to/from their sites.

There will also be an extended interactive session when attendees will have the opportunity to work through a contemporary issue with other practitioners and leave with new, innovative and practical ideas to take back to the workplace.

Event Details

Date: Monday, 20th April, 2015

Location: 55, Broadway (TfL), Westminster, SW1H 0BD

Time: 13:30 - 16:30

This is a free event, but spaces are limited so please register your attendance by using the Eventbrite booking system.

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