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Update - Sudbury Hill Public Realm Improvement Scheme


WestTrans with Major Scheme funding from Transport for London (TfL) is developing a high street public realm improvement scheme. The aim is to enhance the present streetscape and make it a better place to visit and get around for everyone, whether walking, cycling or using the bus services.   

As well as being your high street, Greenford Road is an important traffic route and we aim to reduce the impact of that traffic on the high street and make it a better and nicer place to be for all.

In September last year, we consulted local people, community groups and businesses to find out how the High Street could be improved and we designed the scheme bearing those comments in mind.

Your High Street New Design (Before and After)

These changes will help to create a more enjoyable street where everyone can get around more easily and have a chance to enjoy the area. The improved street will be transformed from a traffic dominated environment to a greener and more comfortable place for pedestrians and cyclists with more opportunities to rest, meet, greet and be sociable.

Please click on this link to download a plan of the New High Street Scheme

Please click on this link to download a plan of the Scheme Features

The new design proposes: 

  1. New pocket plaza / square
  2. New northbound bus stop location (relocated from tube station area)
  3. Pavement widened to provide improved pedestrian area and bus stop access
  4. New street trees
  5. Re-located parking spaces (from new pocket plaza area)
  6. Raised junction tables in side roads
  7. Footways widened on western side of Greenford Road
  8. Improved parking bays
  9. Attractive bridge treatments
  10. Opportunity for pocket park opposite Sudbury Hill station.

Further Information

If you have any queries regarding the scheme then please contact:

Tim Forrester

WestTrans Manager


Tel: 0208 825 9635


  1. Sudbury Hill Area Masterplan (.jpg, 0Mb)
  2. Scheme features plan and supporting text (.jpg, 1Mb)
  3. Visualisations (before and after) (.jpg, 18Mb)
  4. Consultation Leaflet (.pdf, 3Mb)
  5. Public Consultation Event Poster (.pdf, 15Mb)
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