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Update: Sudbury Hill Urban Realm Scheme


Ealing Council would like to update you on the progress of the scheme to improve Greenford Road in Sudbury Hill, the aim of which is to make it a better place to visit and easier to get around for everyone.

before and after

The proposals have been prepared by the WestTrans sub-regional partnership in consultaiton with the three boroughs in the area; Ealing, Harrow and Brent. The scheme funding will come mainly from Transport for London (TfL).   Consultation on the initial proposed scheme took place in June 2015, following which a small number of changes have been made to the part of the scheme within Ealing, in particular, south of the Piccadilly Line bridge.   

The changes focus on two aspects of the initial proposals. The first concerns Ealing Council's requirement that there should be better provision for cycling within the scheme, in accordance with both the Council's and the London Mayor's priorities. The second relates to the 'pocket square' that was initially proposed in part of what is currently the shopping parade service road. Due to concerns about its impact on parking and possible anti-social behaviour, this aspect has been revised to reflect these initial comments but further feedback on this is welcome.  

The design team has worked hard to respond to these concerns while preserving the other benefits of the scheme, including better conditions for people walking in the area, including to and from the shops, the stations, and the rest of the centre.  

You can submit comments by e-mailing

The Proposed Scheme Design  

scheme 1

The plan above shows the extents of the Sudbury Hill Public Realm Scheme that is located within the London Borough of Ealing and which forms the focus of this consultation.  

A more detailed plan, illustrating the proposed arrangement for kerbside activity and new cycle facilities, is provided below.  

scheme 2

Consultation Event and Your Views 

If you would like to make any comments on the proposed changes then please e-mail

Alternatively, representatives from the design team will be available to answer questions between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday 23rd March and between 11am and 1pm on Thursday 24th March. Team members will be wearing high visibility vests and at the start of each session will be standing at the northern end of the shopping parade, near the recycling bins.  

The closing date for all responses is Friday 15th April.

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