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WestTrans attends Healthy Streets workshop

On Friday 13th April, Emily from WestTrans attended a workshop at Transport for London (TfL) on Healthy Streets.

Healthy Streets is an approach developed by public health specialist Lucy Saunders. It measures the relative healthiness of a street according to ten factors - no street is perfectly 'healthy' or 'unhealthy', they all lie somewhere on a spectrum according to how they score on these factors.

healthy streets

These ten factors are deeply linked together. For example, a street with clean air is more likely to make people choose to walk, cycle and use public transport, which in turn leads to cleaner air, a quieter street, and people feeling relaxed.

The Healthy Streets approach is integrated into all of London's strategic plans: not just the Mayor's Transport Strategy but also the environment, health, and crime & policing plans. This means that considering how to make streets healthier, safer, cleaner, more pleasant and more accessible is on the agenda for all the people who have an impact on streets.

WestTrans will be circulating the knowledge gained from the workshop across the six West London boroughs, to ensure the approach is embedded into work at borough level and officers are aware of how to maximise its potential.

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