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E-bikes launch at Harrow Council

Harrow, the second borough taking part in our e-bike trial, saw a successful launch today.

Anthony McNamara and Emily Shovlar, from WestTrans, were present at Harrow for the launch of the e-bike trial project. This will involve six e-bikes being loaned to staff for a month at a time, to allow them to develop the habit of cycling to work and encourage them to purchase an e-bike for themselves. 36 staff and teams will be trialling the bikes from now until December. At this point, Harrow and WestTrans will make a decision about whether to continue the trial for a further six months, allowing 36 more staff to try the bikes, or whether the trial should stop.

WestTrans has worked with London Bike Hub to provide the Gtech City ebikes, along with mudguards, lights, helmets, D-locks and cables. As with the trial at Hounslow, we have fitted each bike with a GPS tracker that anonymously uploads the bike's location every few minutes to a cloud server. At the end of the trial, we will collate all the data and analyse it to look at what types and distances of journeys the staff are using the bikes for.


The Harrow traffic & transport team (back) with the first staff members trialling the bikes

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