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Great feedback on our EV leaflets

In summer 2018, WestTrans created a high-quality leaflet on EV charging in West London and distributed it to car dealerships across the sub-region. The aim was to reduce uncertainty for potential EV drivers, by informing them about how charging points and subscriptions work, and to encourage them to purchase an EV.

We are now getting positive feedback from the car dealerships, which suggests that the leaflet is much-needed. The London Electric Vehicle Company, which sells electric taxis in West London, told us: "The leaflets have proven to be a great help to those looking to buy a new e-taxi, reducing the dreaded 'range anxiety' by making vehicle points and type much more understandable.

The leaflets have helped drivers to register for charging networks and calculate costs and differences between the different companies."

You can download an electronic copy of the WestTrans EV charging leaflet here, or email to request physical copies.

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