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E-bike success at Harrow

Our six-month e-bike trial at the London Borough of Harrow is already proving a great success. One staff member, Alan, took part in the trial during the summer, and has bought his own electric bike a result.

He says: "I used to take three buses to work from Greenford to Harrow, and it could take up to an hour and a half in traffic - not pleasant in an overcrowded bus full of people. So when I heard about the e-bikes, I thought why not give them a go and I'm so glad I did. It genuinely has made a huge difference to my commute to work, and I start the day feeling energised!

"I mainly use the bike for travelling to work which is a distance of nine miles there and back, but on the weekends I'm making the most of it, whether that's just to get out and have some fun or to do some shopping."

alan harrow-min

Alan with his electric bke outside Harrow Civic Centre

36 staff and teams will be taking part in the Harrow trial, which ends in December.

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