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WestTrans Newsletter
We produced regular newsletter for interested stakeholders three times a year, until Spring 2016. We have now restarted the newsletters, and the first was published on 27th March 2018. Click here to read it.

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WestTrans Quarterly Meetings 
The Westrans Borough Partners meet on a quarterly basis to share information regarding projects, programmes and initaitives, provide updates on project progress, and understand opportunities for joint working. The meetings take place in March, June, September and December.

We produce a wide range of publications relating to different transportation issues within West London.

We will be publishing our annual Travel Plan Monitoring Report in April 2018, and our Freight Report in May/ June 2018.

Annual report
WestTrans publishes its annual report summarising the activities and achieved for that year. To view the report for 2016/17, click the link below.

report crop
WestTrans brief report 2017

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