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We are running a rolling programme to inspect all new developments' cycle parking provision. This is to ensure compliance with cycle parking guidance, and enable active travel to and from these new buildings.
Delivery and Service Plans (DSPs) have the potential to mitigate potentially serious congestion issues across all street types from High Streets to residential roads but until now their use has been scant and their performance remains unknown. The purpose of this project is to provide an understanding of the current situation for securing DSPs and to use this as the basis for creating guidance for best practice in the development and future management of DSPs in West London.  
WestTrans is working on demand-response bus options to service parts of West London which are under-served by traditional modes of public transport.
WestTrans is running a trial of electric bikes for council staff and businesses in Harrow.
Across West London there are now many types of EV charger. WestTrans is therefore producing leaflets containing all the relevant information on EV charging, for distribution to car dealers across the sub-region.
Faith sites are key trip generators in the subregion that operate as community 'hubs' which are ideal for the dissemination of new ideas and practices.  It is with this in mind that WestTrans extended its existing sectoral approach to travel demand management, with support from the Mayor's Air Quality Fund, to engage visitors to participate in activities which will actively foster the adoption of more sustainable travel behaviour and raise awareness of local air quality issues. 
WestTrans are delivering WRRR at a sub-regional level for West London. We have partnered with West London Alliance to deliver this project which we hope will build upon our current work in freight and makes the most of our existing relationships with contractors, planning authorities and local authorities to further reduce risk for vulnerable road users.
WestTrans launched a Freight Strategy for West London, from which has come the Freight Steering Group.
WestTrans offer support to higher education and further education (HE/FE) institutions, key trip generators and ideal places within which to engage with young people at a stage when they start to form adult travel behaviours as they become legally able to drive and independent.
WestTrans is part of a number of networks and fourms which are used as a platform to engage with different stakeholders with regards to new programmes, projects, initiatives or policy and provide updates on regional and national government activity, opportunities & risks, strategic priorities and dissemination of best practice. 
London's bus network will be vital in helping more and more Londoners use sustainable modes to make their journeys. WestTrans is working with TfL to improve transport along 6 key routes in West London.
WestTrans with Major Scheme funding from Transport for London (TfL) is developing a high street public realm improvement scheme at Sudbury Hill. The aim is to enhance the present streetscape and make it a better place to live and work in. We want to make it an easier place to move around too, whether on foot, cycle, bus or car. The consultation and design work is scheduled to run over the next 18 months, with physical changes to the street likely to start in late 2015, early 2016, subject to formal TfL approvals and securing sufficient funding.
Since June 2012 WestTrans has taken full responsibility for monitoring the implementation of Development Control Travel Plans across five of the six West London boroughs. Harrow Council takes responsibility for its own Travel Plan monitoring.  
A new railway for West London, connecting the subregion's major centres, has recently been given the green light by TfL. WestTrans will be working alongside key partners to deliver projects as part of this orbital railway in the coming years.
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