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Freight and Fleet Safety (WRRR)

To build upon the success of previous heavy vehicle and cycle safety projects across the sub region, WestTrans is leading the roll out of Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements for West London boroughs and will be managing contractual compliance in partnership with West London Alliance.  WRRR contractual requirements will come into effect for West London boroughs from April 2016.

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What is Work Related Road Risk?

Almost one third of traffic on London's roads is 'work-related'. Most work places and in particular construction sites, have very stringent Health and Safety (H&S) requirements, however once a vehicle and driver leaves its place of work, the employers H&S policies usually do not apply to the same extent.

WRRR recognises this and encourages organisations to take responsibility for the safety and management of their vehicles which are still working for them, in the public realm. WRRR requires companies with a fleet of large vehicle (over 3.5 tonnes) to operate best practice management of their fleet, which includes for example, installing additional vehicle safety equipment (such as to reduce blind spots), undertaking driver training and achieving accreditation via best practice schemes.

TfL have introduced WRRR clauses into their new and existing contracts since February 2012 and the The Mayor and TfL recommend that all boroughs adopt similar terms for their contractors. The scheme has been rolled out across LB Camden and the City of London and now WestTrans are delivering WRRR at a sub-regional level for West London boroughs.

Why West London?

West London boroughs have shown commitment to improving road safety whilst promoting sustainable transport. This has been demonstrated in recent years through the delivery of projects such as Ealing's Cycle Safety Shield, Hounslow's programme of Safer Urban Driving, Hillingdon's FORS online toolkit and Harrow's freight movement strategy as well as more recently, a sub-regional freight strategy for West London. In addition, WestTrans carries out a travel plan monitoring function for the sub region and supports all boroughs to achieve  FORS silver compliance for council owned vehicle fleets.  

It is hoped that through this project WestTrans will be able to build upon these previous successes and also make the most of our existing relationships by supporting contractors, planning authorities and local authorities to further reduce risk for vulnerable road users (cyclists and pedestrians) across West London.

Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) is now live! 
From April 1st 2016, all suppliers of WestTrans' member boroughs are required to comply with WRRR requirements. This is a Responsible Procurement project designed to ensure greater road safety for vulnerable road users and improve air quality via lower emissions from heavy goods vehicles used by our suppliers. The project is funded by Transport for London and delivered by WestTrans, in partnership of our sister organisation the West London Alliance, across the following seven local authorities: Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow. 

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