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Travel Plan Guidance and Monitoring

Since June 2012, WestTrans has taken full responsibility for monitoring the implementation of Development Control Travel Plans across five of the six West London boroughs. Harrow Council takes responsibility for its own Travel Plan monitoring.  

A Travel Plan is a strategic and dynamic management tool designed to influence travel behaviour, encouraging the use of sustainable transport modes to access a given development site, in order to secure a number of benefits, including reducing congestion and improving air quality. Schools, workplaces and many other buildings and developments have travel plans.

Sustainable transport modes include walking, cycling, public transport, car clubs, car sharing, electric vehicles, and teleworking. Travel Plans are required for developments that meet thresholds stipulated in local policy, or when local transport or case officers decide to include a Travel Plan requirement for a given site. Travel Plans are secured via planning conditions or Section 106 planning obligations.

For more information about WestTrans Travel Planning, please contact Anthony McNamara on, or visit our Travel Plans Website by clicking the link below:


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