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Air Quality Cluster Group

Air pollution does not respect borough boundaries and therefore when it comes to issues of air quality the effective options available to individual Boroughs can be limited. Consequently, the West London Air Quality Cluster Group was formed.  

As a member of the WLAQ cluster group, WestTrans have recently devised a mapping template showing routes of low pollution for the sub region which can be used for visitor maps to key sites. It has also developed an air quality communications strategy for the subregion which includes agreed messaging of practical advice on how to minimise the risk of personal exposure to air pollution.  

In addition to the above, WestTrans was successful in its bid to the Mayor's Air Quality Fund, which has been used for a series of projects including travel demand management for key trip generators (faith sites and higher and further education institutions) as well as the sub regional freight strategy.

APRIL (Air Pollution Research in London)

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Transport and Health

ULEV Delivery Plan

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