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E-bike success with Harrow Parking team

Our e-bike trial continues to run successfully at Harrow Council. In July 2018 the Parking Manaagement team trialled one of the bikes, to see if it was a beneficial means of transport for the Civil Enforcement Officers. Hozefa, the team leader, and Bamidele, one of the CEOs, are very pleased with how the trial went.

Hozefa said: "For parking services, it has been very successful, in terms of how much ground Bamidele was able to cover, the promptness and efficiency. He was able to assist with enforcement requests because we do have a lot of residents, particularly around areas such as schools where a resident's driveway gets blocked, so if a moped is stuck in traffic or tied up in other areas, we have the reliance on Bamidele to assist with enforcement requests by quickly pedalling over to the location and assist the residents."

Bamidele said: "It's been an overwhelming experience; it makes my job easier and makes me feel happier." 

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