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Annual Review 2019-20


WestTrans have compiled a review of our achievements and projects for 2019-20.

WestTrans Manager Anthony McNamara writes...

"It has been another really fulfilling year for us at WestTrans, which is only possible thanks to our six boroughs and Transport for London. I also wish to thank our Senior Coordinator, Emily, and everyone who contributed to the successful delivery of our projects.

This year has seen us move with the times and engage with new technologies to improve West London's transport. We've challenged businesses, commuters and councils to switch to electric bikes with some surprising success, helped to deliver a gold-standard docked bike scheme in Uxbridge, and seen our research into demand-responsive bus services pay dividends with the launch of Ealing Slide.We have continued to push for better cycle parking at new developments through our award-winning Travel Plan Monitoring programme, and have made some changes to our approach to enable this. We also continue to coordinate work on freight across the boroughs, and to develop new ideas to help deliver our Freight Strategy.

While this year ended well, the onset of nationwide lockdown and dramatic impacts on transport will have serious conseqences for the next. At the time of writing the UK remains under lockdown and many countries are struggling to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet transport plays a vital role in helping key workers move around, and will also be vital in the journey to recovery. While London's public transport is for essential use only, it's more important than ever that we enable people to safely walk and cycle.

Although it's impossible to know what the coming year will bring, we can be sure of one thing: people will still need to move around London. The boroughs and Transport for London remain committed to their goals of improving air quality and reducing the impacts of vehicular traffic. WestTrans remains committed to our role of coordinating, supporting and innovating across borough boundaries to achieve these goals. We will continue to deliver to the best of our ability.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all soon - online."

WestTrans Annual Review 2019-20

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